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TogoPower infinity 5000w with solar panel 220W

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Experience the power of the TogoPowewr infinity 5000W with solar panel 220W. With its 2890Wh (44.8V, 30Ah) capacity, 1200W AC Input, and 400W Solar Input, you'll get a steady stream of clean and renewable energy. Plus, the 3* AC Outputs provide up to 5000W of power with a 5000w surge. With 3 USB-A and 3 USB-C ports, plus 1 cigarette lighter port and 1 full-color LCD display, you'll have the power for whatever your passions need. Enjoy added convenience with the optional accessories and with the ECO button for even more savings!

The TogoPower  Infinity 5000w with Solar Panel 220W is a powerhouse that will keep you moving! Easily recharge a Tesla car up to 50 km, and with the solar panel 220W the charge will never run out! Enjoy an unlimited supply of energy wherever you go! ⚡